We have started installing windows in patrol cars for College Station Police Department, Brazos County Sheriff's Office, Burleson County Sheriff's Office, Fayette County Sheriff's Office, and Caldwell Police Department

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The Texas legislature recently passed SB2222 to provide bullet resistant windows for all of the Texas Department of Public Safety patrol vehicles in response to two separate incidences of officers being shot through the windows of their patrol cars. TDPS Trooper Chad Walker was shot on March 26, 2021 near Mexia, Texas and died from his injuries. He was merely stopping to assist a disabled vehicle when he was ambushed. TDPS Trooper Juan Tovar was shot through his side window on April 8, 2021 while trying to apprehend a mass shooter fleeing from Bryan, Texas. After the second shooting in the Brazos Valley in Central Texas, concerned citizens in Bryan/College Station decided to start an initiative to provide lifesaving bullet resistant windows for all of the patrol vehicles in the Brazos Valley, starting with Brazos County. Dr. Clifford Dorn, the founder of Backing the Badge BCS along with Kristi Schiller of K9s4Cops decided to form Operation Safe Shield as a non-profit to generate funds to further this initiative.

The initial scope of operation will be to equip all law enforcement departments in Brazos County including Bryan Police, College Station Police, Texas A&M University Police, Blinn College Police (Bryan), Brazos County Sheriff’s Office and all Brazos County Constables.

We also plan expand our reach to all seven counties in the Brazos Valley including Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington Counties. Money donated for a specific county will be earmarked for that county. When we need emergency assistant from a violent encounter, it is nice to know that someone will come to our rescue. Giving rescuers an added layer of protection just seems logical.

Your contribution can help make this initiative possible. How much are you willing to spend to protect the life of someone coming to protect you?

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